im msurian

assalamualaikum w.b.t...

yeahh..macam biasa..terlampau lama x hapdate blog..ahah
biasala tu kan..duk kat rumah sebab terlampau free (kononnya la) so x terhapdate..
bila dah sambung study balik mula la ngengade nak hapdate..:p

its already about a month since i check in as msurians..
a month lebih2 ckit laa..eheh
register haritu on 4th August 2014..

yanie stay kat prima U1..anyone stay situ jugak x..
prima U1 kne lintas jalan..
tp so far oke long as selesa bila balik rumah..:)
lagipun jalan kat situ selalu jem..
so utk those yg need to lintas jln should be no probs..hee

okeh..tu je gambar yg rajin nk di google..
yang lain agk kurang rajin..:p
konon letak pics swimming pool..
tapi yanie xpenah pun lagi mandi swimming pool situ..

so far life kat msu oke la..
memula tu rasa nak nangis jugak sebab tempat baru..
biasa la tu kan..

last week ade oath taking ceremony..
bahasa mudahnya, macam bacaan ikrar la..
kalau x join oath taking, xdapat grad..
means oath taking ni boleh buat bebila masa je..
asalkan sebelum grad ^_^

haa..tu pic masa oath taking..
xramai sangat pun yang join kali ni..
dalam 2582 orang je xsilap..
n student paling sikit okos dari fakulti yanie..IMS

tu je kot untuk entry kali ni..
xtau nak citer pasal ape sangat sebab yanie pun baru lagi kat sini..^_^
nanti ade idea yanie post lagi ey..

btw if ade student msu yang bace entry ni,
nanti kalau2 terserempak ke,tegur2 la ey..hehe



assalamualaikum w.b.t...

setelah ditag secara berleluasa oleh mereka2 yg sweet lg diabetic maka azzianie macam nk tulis je pasal ni..hehe
kebetulan tengah ujung minggu kannn.. we go..
20 je..lebih2 xleh..eheh :p

#1 im d 3rd child in my family..2nd n youngest doter from 5siblings..but people keep on mistaken that im d youngest child coz im d smallest in my family..

#2 my height is 143cm..n im proud with myself..i dont wanna grow up taller..eheh

#3 my weight is 33kg..already increase after few years with 30kg..ngee

#4 my feet size is 3..n i always purchase my shoes from bubblegummers or any kids store coz normal shop not always have the size that fit my feet..hee *kid's shoes sometimes expensive than adult's..thats not cool -.-'

#5 i love HELLO KITTY damn much! so much till all my stuffsss must be hello kitty..from the toothbrush,showerfoam,powerbank n others are hello kitty..ahah..but i rarely spend my own money for it..:p

#6 my childhood ambition is to be a scientist..a brain scientist or something like that..but once im in f4,my interest change..n now im in a path to be a happy with it now ^_^

#7 can speak fluently in malay,english..overfluent in kelantan accent..a lil bit korean,japanese,french,germany..i love languages! ^_^

#8 i love travelling a lot! i dont have any specific places that i wanna go coz i wanna go everywhere..n Mecca for sure! insyaAllah..^-^

#9 im a very sensitive type..even for a small things..sometimes..but i always hide my dont worry :)

#10 im very secretive..i never shared what in my heart or mind to others..even for my good..hee

#11 i wish to study abroad..but till now im still in malaysia..ahah..ever got offer from aussie n uk..but reject it coz of some reasons..but it is still in my wishlist even for my master or phD..insyaAllah..

#12 an alumni of tadika perpaduan jubakar pantai,skst,smkt n aucms..currently an msurians shah alam..^_^

#13 im a meat lover!i love meat till i can enjoy it even for the whole day!ahah..*hypertension lelama nih :p

#14 im scared of cats..i ever cried after being chased by a cat once..i scared of everything from animals to insects n their families atceli..ahah

#15 i dont like waiting n to be wait..coz im a very punctual person..except for the unexpected reasons..:)

#16 im a positive thinker..i always find positivity in everything..even when something bad happen to me..ngee

#17 i love study so much but still, i wanna married b4 30 n get 2kids..1prince n 1 princess..eheh..sblom ni konon nak memandangkan eknomi malaysia yg semakin...erm..n kos sara hidup tggi..maka,tuka plan..hahaha :p

#18 i still have no 'special person' yet..coz its my prinsip not to involve till d right time..but ofkos i have a normal girl after all..hahah..yg pasti above my age laa..ehek

#19 i value frenship so much!when i make frens,i dont care if i need to sacrifice for them..till they make me feel like a fool..yeahh..people have pride also rite..ahah

#20 i love volunteering n enjoy helping others..its great to see that simple curve on others right..more exciting if d reasons of the curve are us..^_^

*addition.. #21 i sleep faster if i drink something with caffein..ngee =='

so..that's all #20factsboutme..eheh
i dont know what to write atceli..
its juz for i just state what i thought :p
suka hati je nk tmbah2 facts..dh bagi doploh nk 21..hahah
tenkyu for reading! ^-^