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assalamualaikum w.b.t...

haha..lepas bangun tido terus BW..maka terjumpala pasal ni..
macam best,nak try jugaklaa.. we go...^_^

                                                          - EXAM STARTS -

Name: Nurul Azzianie binti Ahmad Zamri

Brother(s): three..Ahmad Noraznizam b Ahmad Zamri (25yrs), Ahmad Norazdmiey b Ahmad Zamri (16yrs), Ahmad Norazdriey b Ahmad Zamri (13yrs)

Sister(s): one and only, Nurul Azzah binti Ahmad Zamri (22yrs)

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Shoe Size: 3 (UK size)

hair: dark brown

Piercing: ears

Height: 141cm (rendah je..tinggi xmo meningkat..heheh)

What are you wearing right now? : orange teddy bear t-shirt

Where do you live: Tumpat,Kelantan

Favourite number: 3,9

Favourite drink: lime juice ^_^

Favourite month: semestinya September! (sbb birthday :p )

Favourite breakfast: anything..asalkan umi masak! hehe

                                                      -HAVE YOU EVER-

Broken a bone: never

Been in a police car: never

Fallen for a friend: never

Fallen for a guy/girl in short period of time: never

Swam in the Ocean: yes

Fallen asleep in school: ofkos..:p

Broken someone's heart: maybe ~

Cried when someone died: YES!

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nope..

Saved e-mails: yes

Been Cheated: maybe


what your room look like: macam library - bez utk tido..haha

what is right beside you: my bed :p

what is the last thing you ate: mamee chef perisa tomyam :p


who did you last yelled at: err..cant recall..housemate kott..hehe

who was the last person you danced with: my teddybear..haha

who last made you smile: my family,semalam.. ^_^

                                             -FINAL QUESTIONS-

what are you listening at now?: bunyi kipas..wuuu~ wuuu~~ :p

what did you do today: studying..sleeping..studying..eating..sleep again..hehe (final exam is coming~ )

Are you the oldest?: nope, im the 3rd..:)

Indoors and Outdoors?: indoors..:)

                                                -TODAY, DID YOU-

talk to someone you like?: nope..

kiss anyone?: nope..feel like nak balik sekarang - kiss umiabah! ^_^

sing?: yes

talk to an ex?: no..never have ex yet..:)

miss someone?: umiabah n siblings! ^_^

eat?: yup..hidup utk makan! eheh =='

                                              -LAST PERSON WHO-

You talked to on the phone?: my family

made you cry?: my haters..

went to the movies with?: no one..sebab xpenah kua pegi cinema,xminat..heheh :p

you went to the mall with?: friends

who cheered you up?: my family! ^_^

                                                      -HAVE YOU-

been to mexico?: no

been to USA? : no


have a crush to anyone?: yes

what book are you reading right now?: microbiology books..ahah..n also immunology =='

best feeling in the world?: when i get what i want :p

Future kids name?: err..not yet decided..but mesti ade 'Nurul' or 'Ahmad' as the beginning..:)

do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: nope

whats under your bed?: printer,water heater,rice cooker,iron board, n many more..:p

favourite sport(s) : nothing..xsuka sports..hehe

Favourite place: Kediaman N&Y ofkos! home sweet home ~

who do you really hate?: annoying people , attention seeker ..

do you have a job?: not yet, still studying..


oke..tu je..:)
jom2 meriahkan ^_^
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