learn from life

assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Sometimes we even forget to think about all d things around us rite..
Its actually all about lessons..
Too much lessons to take..
To much experience to gain..
Dats called life..
Why dont we stop from our long journey for a while..
Look around us..
Everything tought us something!
Dont juz keep staring and do nothing!

Everything dat happen,
Happen for its own reasons..
Why must catepillar be in a cocoon?
Coz it’ll become a beautiful butterfly!
Why must night full of darkness?
Coz there will be moon and stars dat make it amazing!

So,why all d things dat u going through all dis time must happen?
Coz there will be a spirit left in ur heart to keep u standing up straight to ur destination!
There will be something called experience to make u stronger!

Why must u going through a situation dat full of tears?
Coz it’ll teach u on how to being happy!
Why must u laugh at some time?
Coz it’ll teach u on how to appreciate d beautiful of a drop of tears!

So,think back..
Everything happen for it certain reasons..
Keep smiling,keep moving forward!
Dont ever waste every steps in ur life..
Gain something from it!
Enjoy every second of it!
Learn every moment of it!

Happiness teach u on how to make people smile!
Sadness teach u on how to make urself smile!


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