conciousness (notes)

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mengikut Freud,level of conciousness ade 2..

concious - thought which they're aware
unconcious - thoughts in d form of needs,wishes n desires

conciousness is bila kita berada dalam keadaan sedar n alert dengan surroundings..
altered conciousness - sleep (dreaming) - it can also happen for a person who got a fever

metacognition - people r better able to think about their own thinking (means u're able to know urself..for example, when u aware on what is d risk of not doing ur assignment,so u'll do something to make sure dat u can finish it on time)

properties of conciousness
1-restrict attention (notice n think - combined sensation with learning n memory)
2-select n store memory
3-allow to draw lessons in memory

non-concious process
1-preconcious - ingatan yang xboleh dilupakan (eg : 1st kiss)
2-subconcious - ingatan yang maybe akan lupa (eg : ingatan pasal sume yang penah dilalui)
3-unconcious - ingatan yang susah nak lupa (eg : ingatan2 negatif yang tersimpan dalam memori)

*there is various type of conciousness due to the biological rhythm


daydreaming - attention shifted away from external situation

fantasy - imagine unrealistic,unlike experience (impossible)

circadian rhythm - daily activity

- to concerve n restore
- to gain energy
- people who sleep too much will increases d amount of melatonin produced in its body
-sleep more can causes nervous,worrisome,artistic,creative n noncomforming
-sleep less tend to b more energetic n extrovert
-neurotransmitter - build up to compensate d quantity used in daily day
-rapid eye movement (REM) - eye move while sleeping (mata bergerak means someone tu tengah mimpi)

-to guard sleep
-to fulfill wishes

manifest content - mimpi biasa (sikit2)
latent content - mimpi yang bawa maksud
non-REM sleep - mata xbergerak (tido nyenyak)

-non-REM sleep-

-sleep needed for every age-

power nap - tido yang berkualiti


insomnia - xley tido malam,tido siang (for people who got insomnia,dont ask them not to sleep when they said dat they wanna sleep coz they're hard to sleep)

sleep apnea - bukan berdengkur..nafas berbunyi..selalunya bila someone disebabkan oleh kurang oksigen dalam paru2..related to pulmonary hypertension

narcolepsy - tido tetiba..
*cataplexy - letih tetiba

restless leg syndrom - susah nak tido..gelisah bila nak tido

nocturnal myoclonus - kejang

klein-levin syndrome - hypersomnia & hyperphagia (tido untuk tempoh masa lama abt 1-3 month - macam sleeping beauty)

daytime sleepiness - ngantuk (biasa)

circadian rhythm sleep disorder - tido @ berjaga lama daripada biasa..selalunya terjadi bila berubah negara (berubah waktu)

nightmare disorder - ngigau pasal something menakutkan (ingat mimpi tu)

sleep walking disorder (somnalism) - ngigau (jalan dalam tido) - xingat pasal mimpi tu

bruxism - ketap gigi masa tido

somniloquy (parasomnia) - cakap masa tido..selalunya bila penat

hypnosis - pukau..kekadang guna untuk ubat orang yang susah tido

meditation - yoga

hallucination - berangan/perasan..selalunya kalangan orang gila,penagih (brains reception of sensory input)


-affect CNS n alter normal functioning of brain
-berubah sikap

type of psychoactive drugs:

key : Saya Dapat Naik Haji

hallucinogens (psychedelics) - affect mood,thought,sense

-two types - sedatives n tranquilizers
-sebabkan muram,ganggu aktiviti CNS
sedatives-make u sleep
tranquilizers-make u calm

alcohol (ethyl alcohol)
-found in beer,wine,liquor
-second most used after caffein
-slows thinking n impairs physical activities

fetal alcohol syndrome - bila mother drink alcohol while pregnant,it effects d baby

12 ounce beer = 4 ounce wine = 1 ounce whiskey ---> same amount of alcohol

stimulants - increase alertness n attention span,mild environment in mood,agigation,insomnia

type of stimulats :
key : C.A.M.C

psychological dependence
-repeated or cumpulsive use of drug
-rewarded by effects
-positive reinforcement
-behavior shaped by seeking pleasure
-activating reward circuit in brain

physical dependence :
-bila overdose,xdapat urus diri sendiri

detoxification-method untuk ubati penagih

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