we love u, DocGelo !

assalamualaikum w.b.t...

people ever said,we'll never appreciate someone's appearance until they need to go..
but there's also a quote said,
"its not that we didnt wanna appreciate those who came into our life..its only because we didnt even know that we'll lost them"
both r right,i think..:)

back to d topic..:)
this entry specially dedicated to my lecturer,DocGelo..
why? because he was my best lecturer ever..
he used to be my lecturer for past few semester..
started from semester 3 until semester 6..
 and now, he need to go back to his country,Philippines..

*sorry for taking this pic doc

DocGelo is really a great lecturer! I'm proud to be one of his students..:')
(even though he might not proud to have a student like me..ahah)
as I remember,I ever post an entry about my lecturers before..and he is one of them..

he is a really hardworking person,and a lecturer who fully disciplined!
silently, I admired him..>_<
I wish to be as smart,as intelligent and as dedicated as him one day..

yeahh,I can't deny it that he was really strict..
but that's how he teach us to be a good student..
that's how he make us to be someone who 'learn' and not just 'study'..
that's how he make us seriously find out about everything..

its hard actually to know that he'll never teach us again..beginning after our sem break..
its such a big lost for us..
even though we're always got tachycardia everytime we waiting for his class,but we love him!

we'll surely be missing his sentence like

"hmm..continue.." - when we can't answer his question during presentation
"u study,read books" - when we silent if he ask something
"lessens ur social networking,facebooking,etc.." - when we didn't focus in class
"be a good doctor soon..a doctor who needed by ur country,by ur nation..make ur parents proud of u" - when we seems lazy to study

and the most unforgettable line that he ever said to me is,
"azzianie,are u in love?study harder.." - when I got low marks in my pathology minitest.. -.-"

so much thing to remember about u Doc! :)
4 semesters with u give us many precious lessons..
from physiology,pathology,medical microbiology,GCS..

last but not least, We Love You DocGelo!
may God bless u and ur family whenever u go..
wish to meet u again in the future doc!
pray for us doc..:)

p/s - never forget to visit his blog here - docgelo 
awesome pic and many more in there! ^_^


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