gene 1

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gene - segment of DNA dat encode for specific protein

gene expression - process of making protein

alkaptonuria - 'black urine disease'
--->berlaku bila ade disorder dengan pehnylalanin n tyrosine methabolism..lack of homogentesis 1,2 dioxygenase enzyme akan lead kepada penggumpalan homogentisic acid..bila homogentisic acid terdedah,akan sebabkan urine jadi hitam

transcription :

-transcription occur in d cell is d process of making mRNA from DNA based on the DNA templates..mRNA is d copy of DNA the DNA,we called it as triplets..but when it is copied to the mRNA,it's called codon..the transcription process start at the promoter region in the DNA called TATA box..the TATA box is really important and the transcription process will cannot be done without the TATA box..there is RNA polymerase in the TATA box dat combine with the triplets in the DNA to produce codon..all the codon produced brings different code for amino acid..after that,the mRNA will leave the nucleus to start the process called translation

translation :

translation is the second steps of making protein from mRNA..its occur outside of the cell nucleus..after the mRNA leave the nucleus,the ribosome will attach to the mRNA at the 5' end..this action called initiation..then,the tRNA in the ribosome will find the start codon of the mRNA..when it found the start codon,process of reading the code of mRNA begin..this action called elongation..when it reach at the stop codon,the reading process stop and the translation process automatically stop..this is called termination..after the translation,the protein is produced..

transcription n translation..transcription tu proses utk hasilkan mRNA drpd DNA..ia berlaku dlm nukleus cell..mRNA ad codon yang di'copy' drpd triplets kat DNA (means codon n triplets atceli bnde sma..cma kalo dlm DNA dipanggil triplets,dlm mRNA dipggil codon)..transcription start dkt promoter region dlm DNA (TATA box)..kalo xde TATA box,transcription x occur..codon t'hasil ble RNA polymerase yg ade dlm TATA box b'gabung dgn triplets..stiap code dlm codon bwk amino acid yg b'lainan (abis proses transcription)..lps mRNA t'hasil,mRNA akn kuar drpd nukleus n ribosom akn attach dkt 5' of mRNA (stat proses translation)-initiation..then,tRNA yg ad dlm ribosom akn pegi dkt mRNA n cri start codon utk mula baca code2 dlm mRNA (elongation)..bila dh smpai kat stop codon,proses translation pn stop(termination)..then protein pn t'hasil drpd code2 yg dibaca oleh tRNA td

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